About the NYYRC

The NYYRC is affiliated with and officially recognized by the New York State Young Republicans and the Young Republican National Federation, as well as the county, state and national Republican committees.  It brings together men and women aged 18 to 40 to discuss important policy issues, promote Republican principles and values, and help elect Republicans to office.  With hundreds of dues paying members throughout New York City and the United States, the Club engages in politics by:

  • Promoting Republican principles;
  • Supporting campaigns through volunteerism, community outreach, and social media;
  • Networking with politicians and other influential members of the party organization;
  • Having monthly socials at New York City bars and clubs;
  • Holding monthly meetings with speakers including candidates, authors, pundits, and more;
  • Attending fundraisers, leadership programs, and national conferences.

Founded in 1911, the NYYRC has a rich history of advocacy.  Our leadership works to ensure that the organization remains active and influential.


Famous Alumni

  • Herbert Brownell US Attorney General
  • John Foster Dulles US Secretary of State
  • Thomas E. Dewey Governor, New York
  • Winthrop W. Aldrich US Ambassador to the Court of St. James
  • John Hay Whitney US Ambassador to the Court of St. James
  • John M. Harlan Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court
  • John Lindsay Mayor, New York City
  • John C. Whitehead Deputy Secretary of State; Chairman – Goldman Sachs


Recent Speakers

  • Steve Forbes Businessman
  • Marco Rubio US Senator, Florida
  • KT McFarland Reagan Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs at the Pentagon
  • Andy Card White House Chief of Staff to Former President George W. Bush
  • Michael B. Mukasey 81st Attorney General to the United States
  • Louie Gohmert US Congressman, Texas
  • Mary Kissel Editorial board member for the Wall Street Journal
  • James Taranto Columnist for the Wall Street Journal
  • Marsha Blackburn US Congressman, Tennessee
  • Michael Grimm US Congressman, New York
  • Raymond Kelly New York Police Commissioner
  • Monica Crowley Conservative radio and television commentator, author, and Fox News contributor
  • SE Cupp NYYRC alumna, conservative political commentator and co-author of Why You’re Wrong About the Right
  • Eric Metaxas Author of Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End the Slave Trade, and Bonheoffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy
  • Jay Nordlinger A senior editor for National Review
  • Robert Costa Political reporter for National Review
  • Peggy Noonan Columnist for the Wall Street Journal
  • Virginia Foxx US Congressman, North Carolina
  • Jim Gilmore Governor, Virginia


Core Club Documents

Constitution of the New York Young Republican Club, Inc.
Bylaws of the New York Young Republican Club, Inc.


NYYRC Officers

Please click here for officer bios.

Executive Board

  • Samantha McNeilly President
  • Melissa Marovich Vice President
  • Nicole Weingartner Secretary
  • Greg Dussaq Treasurer
  • Michael Brach Board of Advisors, Chairman

Committee Chairs

  • Christina Essopos Campaigns
  • Esther Larson, Bridget McManus Community Outreach
  • Alan Hedrick Events
  • Nicole Hart Membership
  • Jennifer Saunders Public Relations
  • Christopher Chadzutko Speakers
  • Eric Heindel General Counsel
  • Roger Sachar Blog

Board of AdvisorsKhalil A. Haddad Former NYYRC President

  • Brian Morgenstern Former NYYRC President
  • Jennifer Gallacher Former NYYRC President
  • Lynn Krogh Former NYYRC President
  • Richard Brownell Former NYYRC President
  • Dennis Cariello Former NYYRC President
  • Chapin Fay Political Consultant
  • Sonny Lee PhD., Philanthropist
  • Debbie Leible Metropolitan Republican Club Board Member
  • Jason Weingartner Former NYYRC President
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